Hello Friends!!! Happy New Year!!!

I love the Christmas Holidays more than almost any other time of the year. People are nice, happy, and I’m singing Christmas Carols in my head ALL the time. But, as every good thing comes to an end, Christmas has been put away in way too many boxes in the loft of the garage. I can’t believe how big my living room seems to be now that Christmas is gone!

Like everyone in my office — we share everything, it seems–I got a severe cold that has lasted about 5 weeks. The cough is all that’s left and is getting better, but wow! –this thing has held on way too long. Even though I was in the midst of my cold, it didn’t stop my from my annual love fest with my skating peeps at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. This year we were in Kansas City, MO. What a beautiful City. I visited Union Station–an absolutely beautiful specimen of a time gone by (check out the photo in this post). While I was there, the Pompeii exhibit was at Union Station. It was incredible. If you get the opportunity to visit this exhibit when it hopefully comes to your city, I would definitely recommend visiting. It’s a little Disney meets Museum and is really a life changer. My biggest thought was: “OMG, when I get home, I’m going to follow up with getting the rest of our house strapped down to the foundation. At almost 100, our house has been totally modernized with all the latest and greatest, but keeping with the Craftsman style, but we haven’t gotten to some earthquake “proofing” of the house. However, if we ever have something in California like they had in Pompeii, there’s nothing we could do. Of course, it’s helpful that we don’t live near a Volcano. Did you know that there’s no word in Latin for “volcano”? Hence, the citizens had no idea what a powerful force overshadowed their lovely city.

So now that life is back to normal, I’m feeling serious withdrawal since I haven’t visited my studio since early December. Wow–I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I am definitely ready to get back at it. As always, I’m already overwhelmed with the idea that I’m already behind the 8 ball–and it’s still January, albeit the last day of January. I am behind on my Birthday card stash. I love to send my clients (my day job is a Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley for the past 39 years) handmade Birthday Cards which they really seem to appreciate. As I always say, “Nothing says I care like a handmade gift”. And Valentine’s day is only 2 weeks away, so I gotta get on those. I’ve actually been able to knock out about 8 cards with only being in my studio for a few hours over the last weekend. I’m pleased with how they are turning out since I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do when I walked in to tackle the job. Next year, I promise that I’m going to offer some cards for every holiday as well as a card box with cards for most holidays. So stay tuned for that. I’m hoping the summer will give me an opportunity to get up and running with that. I also do some really pretty note cards that anyone would be proud to send to a friend or loved one. They come 8 to a box, and of course, I don’t have any currently in stock.

Hubby’s niece is about to have her first child and of course we are both pretty excited. We are going to Sacramento over the weekend for a baby shower at a brewery–these parents have the right idea. So we took the opportunity to head to Amador City, CA on Friday afternoon to attend a winemaker’s dinner at the Imperial Hotel. That is always sooooo fun! We are also hoping to hit Placerville on our way back to Sacramento and picking up our recent wine club offerings. I have said to Hubby–we are NOT going to bring home cases of wine. He laughs–I’m always the one that says “Oh this is good, let’s get a case”. Bad habit, I know, but even worse, we recently bought a wine refer that holds 166 bottles of wine and we were only able to move about half of our stash to the refer. So, needless to say, we are drinking some pretty good wine with our dinner each night these days.

I would like to have some pretty roses available to deliver to my BFFs for Valentines Day (and take some to our Niece, as well), but time’s a-wastin, so I’m not sure I’ll get that done. So here we are, in the first month of the year and I’m already sooo far behind. And I’m feeling it! I love the time I spend in studio, so hopefully I can find some time this week in the evenings to finish up my Valentine’s Cards as well as get some flowers going.

I’m feeling pretty bold this year as far as floral art goes. I feel that I can take a real specimen and recreate it by taking it apart and looking carefully at each element. So I’m looking forward to trying some new things. Of course, the Lovey Ladies of Instagram Paper Floral Artists are extremely helpful to each other and the community is so close. No one sees another as competition, but rather someone to help. I love giving some gentle ideas to newbies on how someone could improve their current piece and am so great full when someone returns the favor–especially, Jennifer Tran (@Papetal), @TiffanieTurner, Amity Beane (@Florabene), Quynh Nguyen (@pinkand posey), and an awesome lady inside and out, Lynn Dolan (@lmdolan75 and tutorials @a.casual.florilegium) Amazing ladies, one and all and I’m just tickled pink that they include me in their circle.

So stay tuned for some new and different ideas coming up in the next few months. I realize that my website is a little behind, and that’s another project that I’m working on!!
Thanks for stopping by!!