Here comes,the bride!

Another piece for the Marin County Fair. I must admit this was a challenge. Picking the colors and the arrangement was a little stressful. I wanted to make sure I got it right and wouldn’t have to take it apart after the stems were wrapped with a beautiful pink satin ribbon
Here Comes the Bride!

A Rose by any other name…..

All that’s missing is the smell! 18 long-stemmed red roses “fresh’ from the florist. I’ve been working on this for the Marin County Fair and is on hold nail July 5th. I worked hard on creating so,etching realistic and I feel I accomplished that.
On to,the next project!

Fair Prep Part 1

In a moment of confidence–and apparent weakness, I have entered FOUR projects in the Marin County Fair. That falls into the “what was I thinking” category. Nonetheless, I have made the commitment and I’m moving forward. My first project is in the Fine Arts Category, which is a juried contest. We will see if I make the cut. Since it’s fine arts, I’m going for something as realistic as I can manage. The plan is to create a bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses. I have a few buds and a few blossoms made, but they will need foliage. This is where I am so far…..Rosebud




Happy Monday!

It was a busy weekend. The rest of the veggie garden is in the ground–yay for that. I love watching the vegetables as they come popping out of the ground and in a few months, we will be eating the wonderful bounty. I can’t wait. I did have an opportunity to spend a little time in the studio, but not a lot.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided on my entries for the Marin County Fair. I entered 4 categories including Fine Art. For the fine art piece, I think I’ll try to do something very classic and hopefully a surprise to the jurists of the competition. I have some ideas, but haven’t made any decisions. I’ll post more as it comes to fruition.
In the meantime, happy crafting!

A Friday Afternoon in The City by The Bay!!

I’m off to see the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the de Young Museum this afternoon with one of my BFFs. After we see Oscar, we are going to visit my flower buddy and mentor, Tiffanie Turner, who is Artist in Residence at the deYoung this month.  If you haven’t seen her work, visit her website: She makes 3-4 ft diameter paper flowers that,will take your breath away. And she’s got a book coming out next year, I believe. I can’t wait for that.

Did I mention that she’s an awesome teacher?? Check out her Instagram feed: @tiffanieturner.

I will post photos for sure!!


So, I’ve decided to change up my website and get it more organized. I know so many floral and card artists that have beautiful and intuitive website and I’m aiming for that. Which means that my blog posts are going to be just that–blog posts and my items for sale will be moved to  “Shop” pages. I hope you like the new format!!!!